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How Long Does It Take To Renew a Passport?

If you are a Burmese citizen in Singapore with a valid pass or work visa (such as WP, SP, and EP), you can renew your passport at the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore.

Due to high demand, to renew your passport, an appointment / queue number must be obtained beforehand, as walk-in appointments will not be accepted unless your case is a direct emergency, in which case it is at the Embassy's absolute discretion to accept or reject your request.

How to Obtain an Appointment?

To book an appointment, you can visit the Consular webpage here.

After booking the appointment, please write down the appointment queue number and save a screenshot of the confirmation. Only 1 passport renewal is allowed for each appointment. Additional passports (including for groups or families) will require additional appointment queues. Do note that due to the limited appointment availability (75-100 appointment slots open per day excluding Fri & Sat), you may have to check back again to find an available date.

Click here for more information from Myanmar Consular in Singapore for making an appointment.

How Long Does It Take?

If you successfully apply now, the current turnaround time to renew your passport is around 4 weeks, however there's no guarantee to that as the current situation is fluid. Therefore it is recommended to renew your passport early to avoid unexpected delay, especially during peak season travel periods or before holidays. You should buffer additional time to renew your passport so as not to disrupt your upcoming travel plans.

General Information:

The address of the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore is at 15 Saint Martin's Drive, Singapore 257996. It is centrally located in the Orchard area, across the street from Tanglin Mall.

Every applicant, including children and elderly, must appear in person for the renewal of passport. Renewal is not possible by mail.

Notwithstanding delays, you may collect your passport within the same appointment day.

Passport renewal fees of S$60 (inclusive of photo) is applicable at the Embassy.

As of May 2023, the Embassy only allows renewal of passports that have less than or one year validity left.

Rescheduling of passport appointment is typically not permitted. If you fail to attend your passport application appointment, you are typically required to make another appointment. If you are unable to turn up, please cancel the appointment as appointment slots are limited, and rebook.

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